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Dialoog Hotels replaces its legacy PMS with Apaleo

Katarina Simic

Katarina Simic


Apaleo expands to Asia after signing a new hotel chain.

Full-service Indonesian chain Dialoog Hotels has announced that it will be moving away from its current property management system (PMS) and switching to Apaleo, the world’s most open PMS, to enhance its guest journey and better support modern travelers’ needs.

With rapid growth planned for the brand, Dialoog Hotels realized it was time to review their technology stack in order to keep up with the fast-changing pace of today’s guest needs. When searching for a new PMS, the company’s goals were clear: find an easy-to-use, easy-to-set-up, easy-to-connect PMS which will push the boundaries and constantly add value to the guest experience, whether by providing a better mobile journey or freeing up staff to give better service. After evaluating the market, it became obvious that Apaleo was the only provider for the job.

“Nowadays travelers are more connected, more tech-savvy, and are looking for more seamless experiences. Implementing the right technology plays the biggest part in providing such experiences,” said Eric Faivre, Managing Director of Dialoog Hotels. “With apaleo, we’ve found a system that connects to all the technology we need to build a seamless guest journey, and it is so simple to use that our staff can be trained immediately. Even better, we can use Apaleo’s open APIs to have our KPI reporting requirements built to order by our local IT partner and take control of our own destiny moving forward. We are really excited to have Apaleo as a key component in our new technology stack.”

Dialoog Hotels will connect the Cubilis channel manager and booking engine, as well as POS, key card, accounting, passport scanning solutions, sales management solution as well as reporting platforms.

“Hotels need the right setup to simplify operational tasks and meet the expectations of modern travelers. Big, closed systems will no longer work,” said Alan O'Riordan, co-founder of Apaleo. “We are delighted to support Dialoog Hotels in its decision to reconfigure its technology stack and look forward to working together as the group expands.”

About Dialoog Hotels

Dialoog Hotels is a progressive and technology-savvy brand that understands the modern traveller's need to stay who they are - individual, independent but connected.

The group presents a new generation of simple sophistication. A cocoon of soulful hospitality where efficiency and beauty find union. Where the luxuries you care about are in place, and the essentials you need are delivered with warmth and ease.

Dialoog Hotels offers what you truly need when travelling: an affordable combination of comfort style and human connection.

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