Apaleo Pay

With an integrated service designed for hospitality, connect and automate payments across all guest touchpoints. Apaleo Pay is for the modern hospitality business, helping you manage transactions across the guest journey securely and without the hassle.

Connected payments across the guest journey

Connect payments across all guest touch points — from your booking page, on-site credit card terminals, digital payment links or through any additionally integrated apps — accept payments wherever your guests need.

Fully secure and compliant

Apaleo Pay is PCI- and SOC2-compliant, ensuring the highest measures of data security. Securely store credit card details in tokenized form and rest assured that your guests’ sensitive payment details are in safe hands.

Automated workflows through a unified API

Capture no-show and cancellation fees, accept payments via payment links, capture open balances in the guest folio — and more. With endless process automation possibilities, Apaleo Pay is built to reduce manual workload and save you time.


Apaleo Pay has changed the way we work! It has allowed our teams to save an average of 20 hours a week compared to our previous property management system where a lot of time was wasted on manual tasks. We're now able to focus on taking care of our guests and further enhancing our business processes.

Arno Sonderfeld

Managing Director @ mk | hotels

Craft a winning payment experience for guests

Accept your guests’ preferred payment methods

For frictionless payments across their entire journey, empower your guests with their preferred option. From an extensive list of accepted payment methods to fully integrated payment terminals, Apaleo Pay makes payments convenient, hassle-free and almost invisible.

✔ Local payment methods ✔ Alternative payment methods ✔ DCC-enabled terminals ✔ Self-service kiosk payments ✔ Online payments


Secure guests’ data and your reputation

Apaleo Pay adheres to the highest security standards to fortify the payment experience. Our commitment to payment security in combination with our SOC2 compliance makes sensitive information bulletproof. Reduce the risk of fraud, unwarranted chargebacks and manual errors with ease.

✔ PCI-DSS and PSD2 compliance ✔ Built-in fraud engine ✔ Chargeback management ✔ Tokenization ✔ 3DS authentication


How to think about modern payments in hospitality

Here’s our guide on the central role of payments along the guest journey, and how you can maximise efficiencies in your back-office operations.

Process and reconcile payments with ease and speed

Capture transactions across key moments

Apaleo Pay can be integrated into all touchpoints, even the Apaleo operational app. From when guests book or grab a drink at the bar, to when they check out — Apaleo Pay is built to process transactions across the guest journey. Monetize value-added services, set up automation rules to make booking and checkout more convenient for your staff, and even accept donations with ease.

✔ Payment links ✔ Integrated terminals ✔ Booking engine and channel manager integration ✔ Guest app integration ✔ Card detection and verification ✔ Automatic charging of VCCs (virtual credit cards)


Centralized reconciliation for a complete picture

Reconciling all payments at the end of the day is time-consuming, intensive, and frustrating. Apaleo Pay ensures every payment, from the Apaleo operational app and connected apps, is effortlessly logged in a centralized environment. Apaleo Pay simplifies and elevates the reconciliation experience by ensuring a seamless flow from the point of transaction to your finance department.

✔ Centralized transactions ✔ Payment reporting ✔ Exportable finance reports ✔ Payment automations


Take back control of your payments