Apaleo APIs

Easily access your data and smoothly integrate apps with hospitality's only API-first property management approach.

What Apaleo’s MACH architecture brings you

fast development icon
Fast, iterative development

Launch a sandbox with sample data. Reset any time and start again.

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Easy to learn

Apaleo's REST API accelerates developer productivity and our Swagger UI makes it easy to master the API.

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Own your data

When you unify your data on Apaleo, you never lose control or data ownership.

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Real-time products

With Apaleo's Webhook API, you get real-time notifications and other low-latency, real-time product features.

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Low-touch prototyping

Apaleo's extensive API documentation includes use cases and self-provisioned API keys, so you won't need to contact support to get hacking.

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Fast and reliable

A cloud-native platform, Apaleo offers you six-nines uptime and P95 latency below 500ms for API calls.

Innovators prefer Apaleo Open APIs

Integrate your custom solutions

Accommodation providers use Apaleo’s APIs to seamlessly integrate their own innovations.

Sometimes you find yourself in a dilemma: decide to build what you need in-house or use a supplier that covers most use cases. After checking Apaleo's APIs, our choice was easier we can have extreme flexibility of integration in a very short time and a very reliable service.

Alex Di Mango
Alex Di MangoHead of Engineering, Limehome

Build apps for the Apaleo Store

Developers and entrepreneurs use Apaleo APIs to market new hotel tech solutions in the Apaleo Store.

We are thrilled to show off how seamlessly connected technology can make the guest journey so much better. Apaleo’s API-first platform made building this showcase a cinch. We had it all running in a couple days.

Roy Friedmann
Roy FriedmannCEO, EasyWay

Well-documented APIs make it easy to build on Apaleo

Business APIs

For most integrations to Apaleo, this is the place to start

Booking API: Access to end-to-end reservation lifecycle: get available offers -> create reservation -> check-in -> check-out.

Finance API: Full access to invoices, folios and all accounting operations.

Payment API: Process online payments starting from credit cards and terminals to payment links.

Distribution API: Everything that distribution channels need: get availability, rates and inventory data, or create and modify bookings.

Profile API: Build up guest profiles and deduplicate them the way you like.


Development APIs

Designed to make new integrations fast and easy

Identity API: OAuth 2.0 authorization flows to issue API access tokens.

Webhooks API: Listen for events on Apaleo so your integration can automatically trigger reactions.

UI Integration API: Build custom UI that extends the functionality of the Apaleo Open PMS.


Setup APIs

For developing scripts to automate your hotel or chain's setups

Inventory API: Manage inventory and fully automate the rollout of new properties.

Rate plan API: Set up and update rates and policies in real-time.

Settings API: Get property setup to 100%.


Integration examples

Get more from your hospitality apps by integrating with Apaleo
Apaleo Pay
Centralize payment information from all guests transactions to provide a guest-centered payment experience.
Booking engine
Connect your IBE’s directly to the PMS to avoid delays in room availability, price updates, or other important data.
Point of sales
Our Booking API and Finance API come together to let your POS app post charges to guest folios or external folios.
Integrate your upselling application and offer extra services or room upgrades to guests.
Finance management
Connect your accounting or financial ERP to Apaleo for a unified view of your finances.
Digital guest journey
Integrate anything guest-facing with Apaleo, inlcuding mobile apps, websites, kiosks, voice controls, and more.
Subscribe for updates on availabilty, rates, and inventory.
Revenue management
Connect your revenue and rate management applications.