About Apaleo

The most open ecosystem in hotel technology

Our mission is to give every hospitality business the freedom to create their vision

We transform the future of the hospitality from the inside out, with an open technology platform and APIs that accelerates innovation.

We take an API-first approach to hotel tech

Instead of trying to copy features from other app products on the market, Apaleo supports deep integrations and encourages customizations.


  • Florian-montag
    Florian Montag

    VP of Business Development

  • Uli-Pillau
    Ulrich Pillau


  • Vasily-geyer
    Vasily Geyer

    Founder & Chief Technology Officer

  • Thibault-Gence
    Thibault Gence

    VP of Marketing & Growth

  • Stephan-Wiesener
    Stephan Wiesener


  • Philip-von-Ditfurth
    Philip von Ditfurth


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