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Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as a good "all-in-one" solution. Every property faces evolving challenges that require creative solutions. The apaleo app store supports a growing community of innovative hospitality software providers and builds the infrastructure that empowers them to deliver their products. Rather than trying to compete, we use our energy to collaborate.


Experience a lean PMS

Trailblaze a new path with a property management system that decentralizes the power of the PMS. Both legacy and 1st gen cloud PMS providers benefit from holding their users hostage. Built as an open alternative, apaleo pms is the first to run on the apaleo platform.


Automate your payment collection

It is not an easy feat to get a grip on payments. From complicated legal requirements down to guest’s personal preferences. The key is to develop a strategy with a clearly communicated policy that also minimizes risk. Working with secure payment providers, apaleo pay simplifies this process and reduces additional costs.

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STAYERY Launches Contactless Services in New App

++ New STAYERY App Enables Contactless Check-In and Digital Keys ++ STAYERY Has Successfully Released New In-app Functions ++ This Update Adds to Existing Array of Digital Services BERLIN – 14 OCTOBER 2020 STAYERY continues to focus on the digital guest experience by releasing additional contactless services within the new app. The entire processes from…

Serviced Apartment Provider SMARTments business Intensifies Digitalization Strategy Backed by apaleo

++ The apaleo Platform Links Together Technology Systems to Manage All Properties ++ SMARTments business Digitizes The Guest Journey From Booking and Check-In to Invoicing and Check-Out ++ Goes Contactless Backed by apaleo’s Infrastructure ++  Serviced Apartment Utilizes Alliance Between hotelbird and apaleo BERLIN – 19 OCTOBER 2020 In a new collaboration between the open…

Feature-Based-Retailing Goes Live in Cardrona Terraces Backed by Tech Providers GauVendi and apaleo

++ GauVendi’s Retail System Integrates with the apaleo Platform to Realize New Innovation ++ A First for New Zealand and Entire Continent, Cardrona Terraces Adopts a Tech-First Approach to Enhance Customer Experience. WANAKA, FRANKFURT, MUNICH As the global economy slows and the travel sector seems to have all but stopped, we see adoption rates of…

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