Hotel technology that’s fun to use?

You better believe it.

We’re taking a different approach to hotel tech

Close your eyes and imagine: hotel software that just works together. There are no wait times, no hidden fees, no frustrations. We’ve built a property management system that connects to any system you could ever dream of using. One that can grow with your business because it allows you to take new properties live in minutes. One that finally gives you the freedom to innovate and adapt to your guests’ changing expectations.

How is this possible? It starts with apaleo’s API first approach. See, most property management systems start with their PMS, then build the connectivity layer (aka, the APIs) afterwards. The new approach, which is unique to apaleo, turns things upside down. It starts with the API, then the PMS is built on top of it. All of a sudden – voila! – everything - every single piece of data - in the PMS is completely available, accessible and integrate-able. Automatic interfacing is a new reality. Set up and workflows are simplified. And your brand is all set up with an ecosystem with a range of applications that integrate seamlessly.


apaleo's PMS covers all the essentials

While it may not sound super sexy, there are a few core things that we think every hotel needs to run smoothly: a way to manage inventory and reservations, a way to store and adjust rates, a tool for accounting, and simple invoicing. apaleo covers all these bases flawlessly for hotel chains of all shapes and sizes. We are PCI compliant and ensure that all your data is secure so that you will never have to worry about data leakage or privacy concerns. And, apaleo is so simple to set up that hotels can be up and running in less than 24 hours (seriously!).

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Setup and manage your inventory the way you want with flexible inventory management that allows you to create inventory of all shapes and sizes (rooms, parking spaces, etc.). To better organize inventory, you can attach and sort by attributes that matter for you (eg. floor number, bed types, waterfront view). 

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Reservations booked from all distribution channels will automatically land in apaleo. Get a clear overview of reservations and assign rooms, add services, or filter by category and room attributes with ease. With one single login, brands can view and create reservations across all their properties, and apaleo is set up to handle reservations for individual guests, group blocks, corporate travel and more.

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Set up, adjust, and add new rate plans and policies in minutes, and enjoy tons of freedom to create corporate rate plans, derived rate plans, special packages, restrictions for a given period of time, surcharges for additional occupancy or services, special rates for children, and more. 

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VAT and bank account details come ready to use, but you are free to configure sub-accounts, city tax, or visitor's tax. Bookings are carried out in real time with double-entry bookkeeping and in compliance with legal regulations. Invoices are available in multiple languages, and logos, texts, etc. are all customizable.

Payment Terminal_new

Payments made easy with apaleo Payment

Who says that collecting money needs to be complicated? apaleo Payment gives you complete freedom. Automate the collection of payments with the click of a button or set up self check-in kiosks that will trigger payments automatically. Plus, configure your company structure and link merchant accounts by property, brand or country so that you can quickly get an overview of all transactions and understand where revenue is coming from. Need more details? No problem! Drill down to the reservation level to reconcile payments or manage disputes.

Set up new hotels immediately

We don’t like to wait, and we’re guessing you don’t either. That’s why we’ve made it simple to set up your hotel. In fact, you can even be like many of our current clients and do it on your own, if you desire to do so! Then start expanding crazy fast by cloning that set-up over to all your other properties. No long on-site processes or training needed.

Create New Property_new

Enjoy customer-obsessed support along the way

We’re out to build raving fans. And, fans don’t come around by counting tickets or downtimes (we reply in minutes, our product reacts in less than half a second, and we stand by a strict NO downtime policy, by the way). We earn our fans by our customer-centric mindset that runs through our entire organization – every interaction, every feature release, every document, every phone call. In fact, you can check out more details about our approach to onboarding and our customer-first mindset in our customer manifesto!

App store

Connect all the good stuff

Here’s where things really get fun – we have an entire store of cool tools to help you run your business, from channel managers to mobile check-in to point of sale and everything in between. It is like a candy store of hotel technology. And best of all, it all connects to your apaleo property management system with the click of a button. Select what you want, test new things, and drop what you don’t need. You have complete freedom.

Check out all the apps available in the apaleo store!

Then go totally nuts!

If you’re feeling tech-savvy and have a custom idea for your hotel or chain, you can really go wild! Build your own custom applications that connect to your apaleo property management system for a truly unique and oh-so-you set of technology. (Speaking of, developers who are curious about this should take a little peek here).