We've the PMS.

apaleo APP is the first property management app to run on our open platform.

For anyone at any size.


Individual Properties

Size doesn't matter. apaleo is an intuitive solution that will free up time for your staff to interact with your guests.


New Concepts

You've sparked our curiosity. From staffless hotels to apartment-hybrids, apaleo loves new ideas and can adapt to your needs.


Chains & Multi-Properties

Scale any new properties with the click of a button. It's so easy to do, we have customers who do it all by themselves.

Be more efficient.


Online convenience 

At home, on-site, or from headquarters, onboarding is carried out completely online with our team of specialized experts. That's the power of technology!


Operate with fewer guests 

Help eliminate human error and reduce staff's effort by automating manual processes. Some of our customers remain profitable at 20% occupancy rates.


Super Scalable

We're here to help you get set up, adjust, and customize, but it is so easy and logical that you could do it by yourself. We've seen it happen for ourselves.

hours or less

Go live fast

Join the fast lane or gain the flexibility to bring your properties live at your own speed. Our average customer usually onboards in less than 7 days.


Constantly improving

Thanks to customers like you, our product roadmap is fully transparent and allows you to like and upvote the features that matter most to you.


Transparent Pricing

We believe in transparency. No setup fees, no integration fees, and no long-term contracts. Visit our pricing page to create your own estimate.

All the essentials.

While it may not sound super sexy, there are a few core things that we think every hotel needs to run smoothly: a way to manage inventory and reservations, a way to store and adjust rates, a tool for accounting, and simple invoicing. apaleo APP covers all these bases flawlessly.

Setup and manage your inventory the way you want with flexible inventory management that allows you to create inventory of all shapes and sizes (rooms, parking spaces, etc.). To better organize inventory, you can attach and sort by attributes that matter for you (eg. floor number, bed types, waterfront view). 


Reservations booked from all distribution channels will automatically land in apaleo. Get a clear overview of reservations and assign rooms, add services, or filter by category and room attributes with ease. With one single login, brands can view and create reservations across all their properties, and apaleo is set up to handle reservations for individual guests, group blocks, corporate travel and more.

Set up, adjust, and add new rate plans and policies in minutes, and enjoy tons of freedom to create corporate rate plans, derived rate plans, special packages, restrictions for a given period of time, surcharges for additional occupancy or services, special rates for children, and more.

VAT and bank account details come ready to use, but you are free to configure sub-accounts, city tax, or visitor's tax. Bookings are carried out in real time with double-entry bookkeeping and in compliance with legal regulations. Invoices are available in multiple languages, and logos, texts, etc. are all customizable.

Plus automation.

Leave manual processes in the past while focusing on the efficiency of your operations. Simple things like the night audit and general management reports are already built-in, but the real beauty comes in when automating processes with the 3rd-party app partners.

Taking this a step further, apaleo pay is capable of managing every payment that you collect in one place. This opens up payment communications between the apaleo APP and 3rd-party apps, through the power of apaleo core.

The possibilities are endless.

Any kind of app you want.

Here’s where things really get fun – we have an entire app store of cool tools to help you run your business, from channel managers to mobile check-in to point-of-sale and everything in between. It is like a candy store of hotel technology. Best of all, it all connects to the apaleo core with the click of a button. Select what you want, test new things, and drop what you don’t need. You have complete freedom.

The difference is apaleo core.