Munich | June 22, 2022

HIGH5 Innovation Conference

Bringing together hoteliers, innovators, and thought leaders to reshape the hospitality industry

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The Future is Bright

The evolution of digital guest experiences in hospitality is still lagging behind other more advanced industries. What do hoteliers need to innovate sustainably and support modern operations?

Speaker: Michael Levie, Founder @ CitizenM

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Future Concepts of Lodging

Every year, we see new unique hospitality concepts coming to life. What ingredients are required to make them long-lasting, and what role does technology play in solidifying their competitive advantage?

Speakers: · Christina Kainz, Co-founder @ Lively · Niko Karstikko, CEO & Co-founder @ Bob W. · Christian Theisen, CEO & Co-founder @ Roatel · Armon Bar-Tur, Executive Chairman & CEO @ BaseCamp Student · Sean Worker, Author @ The Adapters (Moderator)

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The New Life of City Accommodation

City hospitality has been changing post-pandemic. What are new success factors, and how does technology help it create and sustain its competitive advantage?

Speakers: · Connor Llewellyn Ryterski, CEO @ prizeotel · Dr. Josef Vollmayr, Managing Director & Co-founder @ Limehome · Daniel Zawe, Managing Director @ SMARTments business · Darren Sweetland, Managing Director @ Mollie's by Soho House & Co · Uli Pillau, Co-CEO & Co-founder @ Apaleo

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Staying Ahead of the Curve

Disruptive technology and processes usually come from outside of the organization. How can you keep up with innovation as an established business?

Speakers: · Rupert Simoner, CEO @ Vienna House, CEO & Founder @ Vagabond Club · Florian Montag, Director of Business Development @ Apaleo (Moderator)

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Decoding Market Performance

STR has invaluable insights into the European post-COVID rebound. Which markets have surpassed the pre-pandemic performance, and what is the outlook for 2023?

Speaker: Robin Rossman, Managing Director @ STR

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The New Super App for Travelers?

Few companies have better insights into the new generation of travelers than Hopper. What does it take to beat distribution giants like or Expedia?

Speakers: · Alexander Gevers Deynoot, Director of Chains @ Hopper · Martin Reichenbach, Co-CEO & Co-founder @ Apaleo (Moderator)

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Hotel Investment & Development, Quo Vadis?

With a lasting shift in consumer demands, the hotel investment landscape has changed. What are the current dynamics in investors and hoteliers relations?

Speakers: · Dr. Peter Ebertz, Managing Director & Head of Hotels @ Art-Invest Real Estate · Sylvia Schnelle, Business Development Europe @ Scandic Hotels · Philipp Rohweder, Director Real Estate @ numa · Dimitrios Neofitidis, Director @ Siggis Capital · Tina Frobose, Managing Partner @ SELECT Hotel Advisory Services (Moderator)

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Customer Centricity in the Age of Data Privacy

Customer data allows brands to optimize their product and marketing practices, increasing business efficiency. What data is necessary for hospitality businesses, and how do new privacy regulations change the way data is being used?

Speakers: · Amit Kotecha, Global Marketing Director @ Permutive · Amanda Du 杜晶, Head of E-commerce @ Penta Hotels · Nick Price, former CIO/CTO @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, CEO @ NetSys Technology Limited · Michael Levie, Founder @ CitizenM (Moderator)

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What Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain & NFTs Hold in Store for the Hospitality Industry?

Each year, we hear about blockchain-related businesses founding in different industries. Explore how it is used now in hospitality and what are use cases which can be expected in the future.

Speaker: Anke Hsu, Head of Business Development @ Chain4Travel

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The Power of Communities

Creating an impactful and long-lasting community is a big challenge. How different are in-person and virtual communities?

Speakers: · Susan Kabani, CEO & co-founder · Laura Schmidt, Co-Founder & publisher @ elevatr · Lito Coen, Founder @ Cryptotesters · Florian Färber,  CEO & founder @ theBase · Vanessa Borkmann, Deputy Head of Business Field Urban Systems Engineering & Innovation Systems @ Fraunhofer IAO (Moderator)

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No-code & Low-code: a New Era for Hospitality

Low-code and no-code tools are gaining popularity in the hospitality industry. How do they help to democratize process automation?

Speakers: · Fabian Veit, CEO @ Make · Maria Ritzer, Key Account Manager @ Apaleo (Moderator) · Vasily Geyer, CTO & Co-founder @ Apaleo (Moderator)

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Hotels are NOT the future of hospitality

How to stay agile and innovate across real estate, operations and technology?

Speaker: Lukas Hugues, CPO @ pace revenue

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