Live your superhero fantasy!

Different Nationalities

For Personal Growth

Pizzas Shared

Heroes on a mission:

Together, we are a team of superheroes - each with unique abilities that contribute to our alliance. We’re fighting against bad technology and monolithic thinkers because we believe the industry works better when it works together. That’s why we use our powers to develop future-proof technology that goes beyond “next gen” using our advanced labs and the latest tech languages. Imagine what would happen if Stark Industries or Wayne Enterprises built software for hotels, that’s what we do.

The power we generate is unparalleled, despite each of us coming from diverse backgrounds, ages, religions, races, nationalities, genders, and orientations. Diversity is our core strength and we come together to live our shared values.

The perks of being superpowered:


Behind every superhero, there is a alter ego. So whether you're an early bird or a night owl - you are in control of your schedule and communicating it with your team.


When it's time to call for backup, apaleo has you covered. Train your mind & body with reimbursements for coding courses or your favorite fitness apps.

30 Vacation

Fighting for a better future can be exhausting. We encourage our team to recharge their batteries so they can focus on the next villains to tackle.


Many of us possess super speed abilities. Join fellow runners every Wednesday for a run in the English Garden.


Every new recruit gets an experienced apaleo sidekick. This fellow superhero will help empower your success from day one.

Pay Grades

"Competitive salary" is such a cliché. To combat inequity, we have one scale for our salaries based on initial ranking in the interview process.


Ready to finish off the day with a cold beverage with your team? Our team loves weekly after-work chats with a range of beverages and lots of fun. 


From Oktoberfest to overnighters in the Bavarian Alps, or group volunteer days, there is never a dull moment with our sponsored team events.

Free Public

We can't teleport but apaleo sponsors your trips to the office if you choose to commute within Munich the environmentally friendly way.

The values that power us:

You'll often hear us going on and on about open APIs, open sourcing, open communities, open feedback. Overall, the common thread within all of our values is our credo to encourage everyone to open up.


Be an outspoken listener.


Do the right thing.


Get together.


Stay open.


Make every day count.

We're looking for recruits: