A payment experience.

apaleo PAY is the integrated process for guest payment collection.

An omni-channel approach.

Sounds fancy - but what omni-channel really means is that apaleo PAY centralizes the payment information from all of the multi-channel transactions to provide you with a guest-centered payment experience. From when a guest books a hotel, when they grab a drink at the bar, to when they check out, all transactions are recorded in one place, easily manageable for everyone on staff.

Payment Methods

  • Credit/debit cards
  • Digital wallet (Apple, Google, AliPay, etc.)
  • Bank transfers
  • Payment vouchers
  • Virtually any local method

Online Payment Types

  • Web-based payment experience
  • Pay via link
  • Open up a tab / Add it to the room
  • Via connected apps

On-site Payment Types

  • Front desk (apaleo pms)
  • Payment terminals
  • Self check-in kiosks
  • Via additional hardware

Collect from any distribution channel.

In the complex world of payments, not only do you need to organize your omni-channel payments, but you also need to consider the payments you get from your distribution channels. apaleo PAY automatically works with IBEs and OTAs to make sure you get your payments, regardless of how you choose to work with them: Hotel Collect, Virtual Cards, or OTA Payment Services.

Reduce lost income.

It comes with the territory, some payment methods are riskier for you to accept than others. Configure your risk rules, combat fraud, and easily defend chargebacks to ensure that once you collect your funds, you get to keep it and avoid any penalties.

Best of all, it is easy to review your online settlement report to be as efficient as possible.

Safe, Trustworthy, & Simple.

Ensure that all your data is secure so that you will never have to worry about data leakage or privacy concerns. Plus, configure your company structure and link merchant accounts by property, brand, or country so that you can quickly get an overview of all transactions and understand where revenue is coming from. Need more details? No problem! Drill down to the reservation level to reconcile payments or manage disputes.

Get a grip on guest payments.

The payment experience is particularly important to guests. It spans the entire guest journey, from initial booking options to settlement at check-out. Today’s traveler is sensitive to credit card security and expects hotels to manage their data in accordance with legal requirements and industry best practices.