Be part of something

More than an app store, our app partners are a part of our growing community.

A true platform approach.

apaleo was developed with the desire to help rescue the industry from any limitations and to inspire real innovation. You, our app partners, are the ones that bring that to the table. Through our API-first approach, we defeat the restrictions of closed-data points and costly integration fees to give you the freedom to focus on what you do best.

Why join our app community?

1.  The freedom to create

Our primary focus is to build the best infrastructure for our community with apaleo core. Not only can you easily integrate and provide all of the functionalities of your product, but you can uncover new ways to enhance it. We enable you to deliver your fully envisioned product. Whether it's for a well-known industry app or a simple custom feature.

2.  Free integrations forever

It's crazy to pay integration fees to legacy systems! But even crazier that they charge hotels on the other end. We strongly believe that the root of innovation lies in removing barriers. That's why we promise to never charge any integration fees, not to our app partners and not to our accommodation providers.

3. A new distribution channel

On average, our accommodation partners use 5.3 apps. Through the apaleo app store, your product will be featured in front of accommodation providers that understand the importance of technology.

4.  Partner referral program

Our supporters are awesome. We're constantly improving how we show our gratitude, but it starts with recognizing those who help spread our message. Together, we can delight our joint customers while challenging each other to build better products.

5.  A real community

Our community members never feels alone in this industry. We strive to foster a relationship between innovative hoteliers and app partners to stay connected and encourage each other to further innovate and become more successful. Since the apaleo pms is very lean, there is no competition, only collaboration.

1. Build an app.

For the app store

✓  Make your product available to the public
✓  Use OAuth connect credentials for a seamless flow

 - or -

As a custom solution

✓  Create a solution for yourself or another business
✓  Use simple credentials

2. Publish it.

Once you've finished the integration, the certification process is a breeze. We'll just need to make sure that everything works and then give you access to your very own app store listing. You retain control of your content to test and optimize which messages work best. Then, sit back and enjoy a new distribution channel.

A two-sided marketplace.

We don't believe in "all-in-one" solutions. Our users benefit from the most connection-friendly platform and tech solutions benefit from a market of innovative hoteliers.


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Partners just like you.