Martin Reichenbach renuncia a su cargo de codirector general de Apaleo

Martin Reichenbach, Managing Director of Apaleo GmbH, is stepping back from operational duties to take on new challenges after 7 years of successful collaboration at Apaleo. Moving forward, Martin will continue to support the company in his role as a shareholder and advisor. Philip von Ditfurth will now take over operational responsibilities.

Philip von Ditfurth, Managing Director of Apaleo GmbH, said: "Martin Reichenbach has done outstanding work for Apaleo in recent years and played a significant role in our success story. Together, we achieved milestone after milestone, introducing successful innovations for the hotel industry. We realised a startup idea together, and turned it into a globally active platform for hotel management."

Martin Reichenbach, Founder and Shareholder of Apaleo GmbH, said: "In 7 years, we have developed an innovative idea into one of the most fascinating companies in the hotel software space, building an outstanding team and gaining successful global brands as customers. I am grateful to our team and investors for the excellent collaboration and expect that we will continue to have great exchanges in the future. After a short personal break, I look forward to continuing to work on challenging ideas and startups."

The Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of Apaleo GmbH, Anna-Lena Reindl, praised Martin's achievements: "Martin Reichenbach has led Apaleo since its founding seven years ago alongside his co-founders. He has made a great contribution, for which we are very grateful. We can all look back with pride on the development. We thank Martin for his commitment, ideas, and everything we have achieved together. He will remain a significant figure at Apaleo as a co-founder. We wish him all the best personally and professionally on his further journey. We are confident that we will hear many positive things from him in the future."

Apaleo GmbH continues to work every day to provide every hospitality provider the freedom to realise their vision.