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Katarina Simic

Katarina Simic


Our people make Apaleo and its culture pretty darn unique. So, here's a chance to get to know them! We chatted with Jakub, our Product Manager. He talks about his dual responsibilities, what excites him most, and how much he enjoys doing things differently. 

Name: Jakub Maliński

Nationality: Polish

Superpower (job):

I share my time between two teams: App Success and Product Development. On one hand, I look after interfaces and make sure that the integration process is smooth and makes our partners happy. On the other hand, I am looking after the Fiscal/Legal compliance of the product when it comes to currently serviced countries as well as every new one that we plan to enter.

What’s your background? 

Since day one of my professional career, I have been working in the hotel industry. I spent 7 years in hotel operations followed by working at Hilton’s EMEA Corporate Office in the Revenue Management department. In mid-2017, I moved to IT and worked in PMS & POS Product Development for Infor and Shiji.

What drew you to Apaleo? 

The mindset at Apaleo. It has always been frustrating in my previous teams to compare the product and its functionalities with the old legacy systems. Usually, the expectations were to align with the functionality so that the look and feel are similar to 20 years ago. This is not the case in Apaleo. We are not hung up on how things have been done in the past, which ends up leading us to create something exceptional.

What gets you pumped up in the morning? Our fantastic team and the pride we have in our innovative technology stack. Also, the simple fact that I work in hospitality, which I’m passionate about.

What upcoming trends in hospitality/hospitality tech are you most excited about? 

I like to look at it from two sides, as a guest I like the freedom of choice in terms of how I want to communicate with the hotel staff, pay my bill, or decide in which room exactly I want to stay. From the data analyst perspective, I am excited to see how hotel platforms have evolved from legacy solutions, from on-site servers to cloud-based environments with centralized databases.

If you could magically pick up one new skill overnight, what would it be? 

I would love to find a way to travel to other planets quickly.

What’s one of your favourite family traditions that you miss at home? 

Gathering every Sunday for lunch. It was a great routine that made me bond with my closest family members, this tradition made my childhood amazing.

What’s something people would be surprised to know about you? 

Although I work in an IT company that revolutionizes the hotel industry, I consider myself a more conservative when it comes to service. Too much automation scares me - I hope human interactions will always prevail in hotels.

Who is your favorite superhero and why? 

Honestly, I have never had a favourite superhero. If I had to choose one it would probably be Batman, his story shows that ambition, determination, and hard work lead to doing great things.

That's a little about Jakub for you! Stay tuned for more origin stories from your favourite Apaleo superheroes!

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