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Located centrally in Munich, Hotel Uhland is only a stone’s throw away from Munich’s famous Oktoberfest and walking distance to the city’s center. Its Renaissance property in a quiet neighbourhood, coupled with the personal and warm service makes the hotel unique. Yet, Hotel Uhland must compete in a busy Munich market against hotels that often have more full-time personnel to handle the complexities of revenue management. Complicating matters more are complex RM systems and a slew of technologies that don’t communicate well, all of which take away Hotel Uhland’s primary focus: delivering extraordinary service to its guests.

​Hotel Uhland began working with the apaleo, a fully cloud-based PMS, with a marketplace of pre-integrated applications in various hotel software categories. Within the apaleo marketplace, Hotel Uhland found Hotellistat, a revenue management tool that allows hotels to adjust rates based on factors like historical data, competitive set, on the books data and more.

​Since working with apaleo and Hotellistat, Hotel Uhland benefits from:

  • Incredible time savings: With set up complete in less than a day and the simple user interfaces of apaleo and Hotellistat, Hotel Uhland can easily manage its rates without the need for additional staff.

  • More competitive rates: With less manual work and visual drag-and-drop pricing that can be updated in the apaleo PMS with a click of a button, Hotel Uhland now has the right tools it needs to set competitive pricing.
  • Flexibility: The apaleo marketplace allows Hotel Uhland the ability to add additional apps in many different software categories with the click of a button

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