The lean, open PMS that loves apps

apaleo’s API first approach

The heart of a hotel is its property management system (PMS) to manage hotel reservations, guest profile data, booking details, accounting, invoicing and payments. Yet, many hotels are unhappy with their system because it is slow, closed, inflexible, or difficult to use. And, on top of that, most hotels use only a fraction of their PMS’s functionality. apaleo is a lean PMS  that is based on a fully open 2-way API which allows hotels to connect apps and micro-services as needed, grant apps access to all the information stored in the PMS, as well as write back data to the apaleo PMS. This approach allows all hotel systems to work together quickly and seamlessly.

Have your hotel running in minutes

Setting up new properties with inventory, services, rate structure and policies is done in minutes, rather than days, months or even years, making it easy to implement apaleo across all properties. And, thanks to an intuitive user interface, hotel staff can be onboarded and using apaleo with little to no training.

Available anywhere, on any device

apaleo’s modular approach allows hotels to customize what data they see and how they visualize it at both an account and property level so that the most important data is always at their fingertips. And, because the system is native cloud-based, it is available anytime, anywhere – on desktop, mobile or tablet. All you need is an up to date browser!

Connected booking engine

A booking in apaleo can contain multiple reservations for different types of inventory and different arrival and departure dates. apaleo’s IBE, powered by UP, is available as a standard app in the apaleo store and allows different orders to be collected into a shopping basket and booked effortlessly.

Simple distribution, rate and channel management

A powerful inventory system allows hotels to manage inventory of all kind (rooms, beds, workspaces or meeting rooms) for any given period – not only overnight stays and day use offerings but also bookings specified to the minute, encompassing spa appointments, late checkouts and anything else that is required to operate a hotel with flexible service offerings. Rate plans, services, and packages can be adjusted in seconds, automatically or manually, and inventory can be distributed across all key channels for maximum revenue.

Exportable accounting transactions and reporting

Accounting is critical to your business. apaleo follows all legal and accounting standards across all global regions. Each service or charge is booked on the business day it is delivered. For services booked via a reservation, which can be automated via the API. Payments and directly booked charges, done via a POS integration or manually by front desk staff, are booked in real time. The current status of all accounts can be viewed with simple or in-depth reporting and is also available through an API.

Connect new apps to improve your business

The apaleo app store is full of pre-integrated third party apps that can be connected with the click of a button, with apps in categories like: marketing, distribution, revenue management, analytics/BI, guest-facing and upsell apps, hotel operations, reputation management, meetings, events, incentives, conferences (MICE), and more.

Receive world-class service and support

We want you to be successful as you customize your apaleo platform! Our self-serve help center is full of resources, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, our service team is just an email, phone call, or chat away. We respond to all client questions and requests in less than an hour.

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