Accommodation Provider Vivere Stays Takes 25+ Properties Live in Six Months with apaleo’s Cloud Platform

MUNICH – 27 April 2021

Vivere Stays, the new and agile accommodation provider, attributes its rapid expansion and continuous success to its digital technology stack. The European market is incredibly diverse and demands highly flexible technology that can be completely localized, an imminent threat to incoming brands with a globalization strategy. Vivere Stays is the result of an experienced team uncovering a significant market opportunity with smaller hotels lacking the knowledge of top-notch European-made software that is adaptable to their market and size.

This is where apaleo’s platform approach goes hand-in-hand with Vivere Stays offering, and together we launched the first hotel – Hotel Bohemia by Vivere Stays – in Berlin as a blueprint back in October 2020. In the first three weeks, the hotel saw five times the revenue and an increase of 700% in occupancy rates. The apaleo app store is full of specialized apps that enable any accommodation provider to choose which solutions are relevant and to try out any new solution that comes out on the market. On top of the platform, Vivere Stays makes use of additional apps depending on hotels’ needs, including Chekin and CODE2ORDER.

“Speaking of agility, Vivere Stays was not only able to launch during the COVID-19 pandemic and acquire more than 25 hotels within 6 months, but when properties seriously began thinking of distress sales, we were able to step in and push up the otherwise low-demand from guests. One mid-size hotel took down their discounted sales rates within the first month of collaboration” says Murshil Ünver, Vivere Stays CEO & CoFounder.

“Unlike in Germany where domestic travel still occurs at a certain level, Spain had faced more dramatic effects due to the crisis. However, we were able to successfully launch new operations before the summer 2020” says Berta Vilardell,, who is one of the CoFounders and located in Barcelona. “Legal requirements in Spain are slightly different from other European markets such as the obligation to provide guest data to local authorities. This led us to apaleo’s app store, where we found Chekin, an innovative Spanish company that digitizes the guest-journey and complies with local requirements.”

Murshil adds, “Technology is also a core component to our operational success. In Hotel Bohemia, CODE2ORDER came to the rescue and helped us reduce reception hours immediately by offering online check-in. It’s important for us to listen to each individual hotel’s needs to sincerely offer a localized product. Thanks to the apaleo platform, we are able to evaluate the needs of each situation and react accordingly.”

The speed at which Vivere Stays is growing is only possible with the rapid multi-property setup of the apaleo APP. The “clone” button makes it possible to align structures and preferences between multiple properties while also making customizations intuitive. apaleo offers one user interface for core business operations as well as for individual property management.

“Vivere Stays is the perfect example of what apaleo categorizes as a ‘new concept’ property type. In the best way, it is able to react and adapt in order to grow its mission and provide services to hotels in urgent need of digitization strategies,” says Philip von Ditfurth, apaleo founder. “As Vivere Stays continues to grow 50% MoM on average, we will continue to provide the scalable platform and flexibility to meet localization needs.”

apaleo thinks differently from any property management system because it isn’t a PMS. Like a PMS, the apaleo APP lives on top of the platform and provides the familiar functions of property management such as: rate management, reservations, accounting, and inventory. Unlike a PMS, the apaleo platform is built on the technical application of the of API-first theory, taking open APIs to an unprecedented level where everything on the platform is built from an API.  For further information about the partnership between apaleo and Vivere Stays, read more in the interview.

Vivere Stays Tech Stack

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About Vivere Stays

Vivere Stays offers a 360° management solution to smaller independent hotels. The team manages all aspects of pricing, distribution and digital transformation. Moreover, hoteliers are provided with top-notch technologies, made in Europe. The in-house BI-Team is responsible for Vivere’s dynamic pricing tools, including A.I., increasing revenue through optimized prices at any given moment.



CODE2ORDER enables hotels to make the entire stay a digital experience for hotel guests. With the solutions by CODE2ORDER, hotels accompany guests along the entire GuestJourney – from the first booking, through the stay, including digital check-in and check-out, to the next direct booking. All hotel information, services and offers are available and bookable for every guest at any time and place.


About CheKin

CheKin is an all-in solution that helps you saving time and money at any new booking by managing everything online: guests registration and identification, payments, remote access, data sending to authorities.

About apaleo

apaleo is the cloud platform to help build agile accommodation businesses. All types of properties - from serviced apartments to hotel chains - rely on apaleo's APIs and community to create digital experiences for their guests and staff. Instantly connect the leading hospitality apps to the apaleo interface or use open APIs for unlimited customization possibilities.


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