Feature-Based-Retailing Goes Live in Cardrona Terraces Backed by Tech Providers GauVendi and apaleo

++ GauVendi’s Retail System Integrates with the apaleo Platform to Realize New Innovation ++ A First for New Zealand and Entire Continent, Cardrona Terraces Adopts a Tech-First Approach to Enhance Customer Experience.


As the global economy slows and the travel sector seems to have all but stopped, we see adoption rates of technology skyrocket. This creates a bright future for early adopters to embark on new technological initiatives that would likely have never seen the light of day without all of the intense pressure to optimize.

Unlike most accommodation providers, who settle for standardizing their room categories despite having unique attributes, Duncan Fraser of Cardrona Terraces took the creative approach and applied reverse-thinking for their tech stack, working with apaleo’s platform and GauVendi’s Retail System to make feature-based selling a reality.

Buying hotel accommodation has predominantly been led by selection of room types and price; however, GauVendi’s new customer-centric focus, liberates customers from such restrictions. Thereby inviting them to, first and foremost, indicate their preferences and then ultimately design their desired stay. Floor layout, room size, orientation, as well as add-ons including wining and dining, guests can travel with peace of mind assured that at check-in, their accommodation will be exactly as they had desired and booked and nothing is left to chance with the usual ubiquitous ‘On Request’.

Duncan Fraser says, “Customers would have endured months of restrictions to personal lifestyle and travel and with this, true personalization and customization of their desired experience is even more relevant. Working in consultation with GSA Hospitality, we believe we have found the ideal way to deliver this via the systems and technology provided by both apaleo and GauVendi.”

“At the start of a new change cycle for travel distribution technology, we are excited to be the first feature-based retail solution on the market,” states Markus Mueller, co-founder of GauVendi. “Already ahead of the learning curve, our system reinvents the way the industry retails hospitality experiences. Thanks to the successful collaboration with apaleo, we are able to achieve our ambitious goals.”

“It’s easy for our industry to recognize that it always needs to be more customer/guest-focused, but often struggles to adopt innovative tech solutions, such as feature-based-pricing, to achieve this goal,” says Uli Pillau, CEO and apaleo founder. “Having found Cardrona Terraces as the innovative hotel partner to pilot the way forward in New Zealand, we expect to help delight more customers while also pioneering new ways for hotels to survive a changing market. apaleo is a champion for hotels and app partners to build such creative tech stacks through our completely open, yet dynamic platform.”

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About Gauvendi

GauVendi is a novel retail system for hospitality experiences, allowing for real personalization during the purchasing process and making the hotels own sales channels non-comparable to third-parties. There are no classical room types anymore, customers select their preferred room features & attributes and are presented with best room matches showing a percentage score. GauVendi’s retail system empowered by Inventory Management Intelligence enables feature-based selling, monetizes all valuable room features, allows for unlimited room configurations & setups, pre-sells ancillary hotel services, provides detailed insights into buyer preferences and automates room assignments.

About apaleo

apaleo is the cloud platform to help build agile accommodation businesses. All types of properties - from serviced apartments to hotel chains - rely on apaleo's APIs and community to create digital experiences for their guests and staff. Instantly connect the leading hospitality apps to the apaleo interface or use open APIs for unlimited customization possibilities.