Introducing city taxes

With our end-of-July release, we introduced city taxes to apaleo. If your application allows guests to make reservations, or check-in, this guide explains what you have to do, in order to support [...]

Push it! Webhooks in apaleo

The notification service allows you to build or set up apps which subscribe to certain events on apaleo (webhooks). When an event is triggered, we send an HTTP POST payload to the configured URL. [...]

Channel Integration Guide

With the channel integration you can subscribe for availability, rates and inventory (ARI), create new bookings and modify existing bookings. The Basics Get your sandbox account and check [...]

Connect your app with OAuth 2.0

What is this all about? When you connect your app to apaleo, it can read or modify data, or even trigger entire business flows of a hotel. But before gaining access to any of the resources in the [...]

New payment and refund options

With this release we extend our existing payment APIs, and also add a brand new one: now you can also refund money, in case someone paid too much. Pay by invoice …or “Check out on AR [...]

Cancellation and No-Shows

This release is all about guests not showing up, and handling the situation nicely in accounting and hotel operations. Cancellations Each rate plan defines the conditions under which they can be [...]

Updates to Booking and Reservation APIs

Conversion is Key Each guest journey starts with a booking. Which often means filling out web forms, being annoyed by the massive amount of required data and validation rules, making mistakes and [...]

Getting Started with apaleo APIs

Have a look You can find all of apaleo’s API on We use Swagger to describe it, and to generate our documentation. Sign up The first step is to sign up for an account. After [...]

We’re going live!

And we need to talk. Apart from us being super happy and excited, this also means some changes for you, and us, and the way we work together. If you already are working with apaleo APIs, here are [...]