Connect apps to the apaleo PMS with our public, two-way API

Say goodbye to integration pains

Gone are the days of closed systems, long wait times, and hidden interface fees. apaleo allows new applications to be developed and connected to its PMS with ease. The apaleo APIs have been publicly published since day one, opening hotels up to a truly flexible and scalable architecture of coupled systems and applications.

All endpoints, completely available

All the data is completely accessible. Access any endpoint from the apaleo PMS, including inventory, rate plans, bookings, housekeeping and maintenance, financial transactions, apaleo settings, notifications and more. (psssst – check it out here!)

Data flows both ways

apaleo’s API allows applications to access all PMS data as well as write data back to the apaleo PMS. This means that apps are able to perform any kind of PMS specific operation like check in, check out, open a new folio, post a charge or process a night audit. All systems work together seamlessly.

Easily purchase apps through the apaleo Store

apaleo’s app Store houses dozens of pre-integrated, third-party applications that have been developed using apaleo’s APIs. All the apps are available to hotels and can be connected and running at the click of a button.

Are you an app developer?

Get your API credentials and start developing.

Are you a hotelier?

See the full range of applications using our API to connect to the apaleo PMS.

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