October 11, 2018 // Munich // 11am-6pm (conference) // 6pm-midnight (party)

APADAY is a day for superheroes. For creators, innovators, hoteliers, and geeks. And forward-thinkers who are challenging the status quo. We’re debating the future of hotel tech, with a CRM battle, an upsell primer, a look at the future of AI, and hoteliers creating custom tech stacks live on stage. We’ll close with a party, networking, and more. The event is free to attend, but capacity is limited (we’re not trying to break any fire codes here!) so don’t miss out on this epic event. See you there!


Some of the innovators taking the stage

  • Frank Reeves
    Frank Reeves Co-founder and CEO, Avvio
  • Erik Tengen
    Erik Tengen Co-founder, Oaky
  • Michael Struck
    Michael Struck CEO and Founder, Ruby Hotels
  • Thomas Landen
    Thomas Landen Director of Partnerships, Revinate
  • Karl Schmidtner
    Karl Schmidtner Managing Director, UpsellGuru
  • Michael Toedt
    Michael Toedt Founder and CEO, dailypoint™
  • Keith Gruen
    Keith Gruen Original co-founder of Fidelio Software
  • John Seaton
    John Seaton Managing Director, Cendyn
  • Inken Kuhlmann-Rhinow
    Inken Kuhlmann-Rhinow Senior Marketing Manager, HubSpot
  • Alexander Edström
    Alexander Edström CEO, Atomize
  • Dimitrios Neofitidis
    Dimitrios Neofitidis Founder, Siggis Capital
  • Steffen Schwarzer
    Steffen Schwarzer Business Development, MyLike
  • Rui Teixeira Guerra
    Rui Teixeira Guerra CEO and Partner, HotelAppz
  • Tony Loeb
    Tony Loeb VP Sales & Marketing, Experience Hotel
  • Laurence Mehl
    Laurence Mehl Owner/CEO Chapeau Hotels
  • Andy Guenthard
    Andy Guenthard SVP Partnerships Travel, Adyen
  • Alessandra Leoni
    Alessandra Leoni Head of Revenue & Distribution, Nadler Hotels
  • Alin Lazar
    Alin Lazar VP of Sales EMEA & Americas, ERevMax
  • Talia Sanhewe
    Talia Sanhewe Internationally acclaimed moderator and keynote speaker
  • Martin Moser
    Martin Moser CEO, customice


The day at a glance

10:00-11:00 Arrival and coffee
11:00-12:00 Opening welcome and keynote

MC for the day – Talia Sanhewe, international moderator and keynote speaker

Keynote – Keith Gruen, original co-founder of Fidelio Software


Building custom tech stacks

If you were building a hotel from scratch, how would you assemble its technology? Watch this group of innovative hoteliers build out custom technology for all different types of hotels live on stage!

Michael Struck, Founder & CEO of Ruby Hotels

Dimitrios Neofitidis, Founder of Siggis Capital

Laurence Mehl, CEO and owner of Chapeau Hotels

Alessandra Leoni, Head of Revenue & Distribution of Nadler Hotels

13:00-14:00 Lunch

PechaKucha Talks

Why is it easier to buy a car online than to arrange a meeting around Christmas? How can one hotelier keep up with 64 million price updates per year? And what’s going on with online payments? These questions and more, answered in fast and fun PechaKucha presentations (20 slides, which are shown for 20 seconds each before automatically advancing, for a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds).

Alexander Erdström, CEO of  Atomize

Steffen Schwarzer, Business Development for MyLike

Andy Guenthard, SVP Travel Partnerships at adyen

Alin Lazar, VP Sales, EMEA and Americas at eRevMax

Martin Moser, CEO of customice


CRM Face-off

Guest profiles, automation, GDPR compliance, oh my! CRM is a vital, yet complicated tool for hoteliers. Watch CRM leaders (and some newcomers) take the stage to pitch their vision for CRM. Vote for your favorite vision to crown APADAY’s CRM champion!

Moderated by: Inken Kuhlmann-Rhinow, Senior Marketing Manager at HubSpot

The CRM Contenders:

Thomas Landen, Director of Partnerships at Revinate

Michael Toedt, Founder and CEO of dailypoint

John Seaton, Managing Director of Cendyn

Rui Teixeira Guerra, CEO of Hotelappz

Tony Loeb, VP Sales & Marketing at Experience Hotel

Bastian Kneissl, CEO of MountLytics

16:00-16:30 Coffee break
16:30-17:15 The impact of AI on travel efficiency & travel planning

We can’t go far without hearing concerns over AI these days. Is it really something to fear, or will it improve travel experiences? Here’s an inside look at AI’s impact throughout the customer journey.

Frank Reeves, Co-Founder and CEO, AVVIO

Upsell Lovefest

What happens when you put two competitors with enormous passion for the same thing on stage together? Let’s find out. Welcome to Upsell Lovefest.

Erik Tengen Co-Founder of Oaky

Karl Schmidtner, Co-Founder of UpsellGuru

17:45-18:00 Closing
18:00-Last man standing Party time


Our lovely sponsors and collaborators

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How to get there

We’ll be at Kohlebunker (Lilienthalallee 37, 80939 München). Doors open at 10:00am, and the conference will start promptly at 11:00am.


What are you waiting for? APADAY is free to attend, but spots are filling up fast – save your spot!